Presidents of The Republic of Indonesia, 1945-2014

Title          : Presidents of The Republic of Indonesia, 1945-2014

Authors   : Julius Pour, Linda Sunarti, Tini Ismayani, Raden Muh. Mulyadi,

Teuku Reza Fadeli, Muhidin Dahlan, Zaenal A. Budiyono,

Akbar Linggaprana

Publisher: Directorate of History, Directorate General of Culture

Ministry of Education and Culture

ISBN        : 978-602-1289-41-9

Synopsis      :

When Indonesia’s democratic journey is compared with other countries where the transition of power is achieved through unconstitutional means, we cannot help but be moved by the example set by the nation’s leaders. No matter how strong their desire to hold on to power, when opposition to their rule becomes overwhelming, then their position and their power become meaningless. The security of the children of the nation and peace throughout the land is everything. They give up their power willingly. Patriotism is something that cannot be bought and sold. Love of their nation is everything. Those are the democratic values that are demonstrated by the Presidents of Indonesia from one period to the next.